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Welcome to the Charlie French Motion Picture and Television Medical Homepage

My Mission

I work hard to keep motion picture and television cast and crew healthy under the most demanding physical and environmental conditions.

Who am I?

I'm an experienced set medic---and keeping production personnel healthy translates into efficient and on-budget filming.  I have excellent references.

A nationally-registered Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT), I have years of experience in conventional emergency and family medicine, as well as "alternative" therapies like herbal treatments and acupressure.

" are simply the best I have worked with---anywhere, anytime.  Your tireless dedication, dependability, and good cheer, directed from the highest to the lowest made a significant difference to the filming of "Orleans."   ---Andrew Stone, UPM Jerry Maguire, Orleans, My Blue Heaven, Steel Magnolias

"Your services were invaluable to me and the crew.  I also commend your willingness to assist with the special issues including the ambulances, extra personnel, and transport of [patients] to the hospital."---Dr. Chris Renna, JFK, Platoon, the Doors

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Contact Information

Write, FAX, E-Mail, or contact me at any of the numbers listed below:


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Questions or comments?   I welcome your feedback   Tell me what you like, don't like or what you'd like to see included in the Set Medic World.