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How does a Production Company benefit if Charlie French is a member of the crew?

  • A Healthy and Happy Cast and Crew Means Fewer Worries for the Director and UPM
  • Less Lost Time From Illness or Accident Saves the Producer Money
  • Businesslike Approach to Expenditures Minimizes Budget Surprises

Professional Capabilities

I've worked with some of the biggest names in the business---the Kevin Costner's, John Travolta's, George Clooney's,  Jennifer Lopez's---and with many more lesser-known but equally hard-working crew members.  And I know that a good medic treats each patient with the same high level of compassionate care and professional medical expertise. 

If the script calls for stunts, I've worked with the best action stunt coordinators and directors anywhere---Bud Davis, John Woo, Jack Gill, Billy Burton, etc.   I know how to take responsibility for the entire medical demands of a large cast and crew.

From minor injuries/illnesses to life-threatening situations, I'm prepared to respond swiftly and intelligently, and perform the appropriate medical care.

Life-Saving Training
Professional Emergency Medical Technician training prepares me for quick action in any situation.
Lengthy "Alternative Medicine" Experience
I am knowledgeable of the latest herbal and other treatments that supplement conventional medical education and practice.
Responsible and Mature
A sensible and mature approach has a calming affect on cast and crew.

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